Mission Statement: Purpose


This includes the alignment of bones, joints, tendons and muscles etc. If these structures are misaligned, this causes pressure on nerves, leading to altered function and with time pain will build up.  The spine is a common place for misalignment to occur as all the nerves pass from the brain through the spine to get to the rest of the body.  Therefore as a chiropractor I adjust the body to correct the “subluxation”.


“We are what we eat” – but actually we are what we can digest and assimilate.  Most of us have had a stomach bug before, maybe from foreign travel or contaminated food.  This causes the imbalance to occur in the gut, whereby the “good bacteria”, as seen in TV adverts, get pushed away, allowing bad bacteria and fungus to proliferate. Therefore the stomach is not working efficiently. The immune system will kick in and work overtime to continuously fight the multiplying bugs.  This is the typical Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Using vitamins, minerals and herbs to eliminate the bugs and thereby improve the function of the gut. This would mean the immune system can now concentrate on fighting new infections that may come along.


The brain is like a box full of our memories and experiences. Certain memories can still plague the individual. It is common to hear patients say that whenever they get stressed, tension goes straight to their shoulders. Therefore this emotional stress can prevent the shoulders from improving and causing shoulder problems to return.