New Patients

‘If you feel you could benefit from some chiropractic treatment please see below what to expect at your first appointment. ‘
For more information see our FAQ’s page

1. When you arrive you are greeted by our receptionist and given registration forms to fill in unless you have filled them in online at home before arriving.

2. You will be shown to the waiting room where you can fill the forms in and wait for your chiropractor.

3. You will be introduced to your chiropractor and taken into their consulting room

4. Your new patient appointment starts with a consultation when you have the opportunity to explain your symptoms and the reason for your visit.

5. The consultation is followed by an examination, for which you do not have to undress.

6. The chiropractor then summarises what he has found and explains a treatment plan to you.

7. You will then have a treatment.

8. You will then go back to the receptionist to pay and book another appointment if necessary